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Leila's gym


Our Bournemouth gym focuses on you! If you're ready, so are we! Our programmes are tailored to your goals. We use the latest equipment and a variety of fitness activities to get you there!

Ben running up a ramp


Super excited to share our latest adventure: the Blenhein triathlon!

On the first June, five of us went to trial a Sprint triathlon as first timers in the phenomenal grounds of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. 4 to 6 months of hard training in and out of Leila's gym lead to us all completing the triathlon in good time!  It was a hard challenge with 750 m of open water swim, transitions, 20 km of cycling and a horrible 5.4 km run to finish. The reward, the elation, the sense of common achievement was just amazing. Such a high for us all!!


Equally pleased to see Ben smashing his West London Tough Mudder 17 km challenge after a gruelling 5 months of hard work here too ( see photo).

More challenges lurking ... Possibly a second triathlon in Sandbanks in September and a  Hyrox in November.

To all my brilliant and dedicated clients, keep grinding and eating for your goals, some of you are already seeing great results! Just apply yourself and you'll get there! Remember, you can also book a nutrition session to understand the roles of macros and do a bit of food prep with me.

With Love, Leila 

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About Leila's gym

A modern take on fitness

We offer both indoor and outdoor working out spaces with the latest equipment. The indoor gym features machines, weights, TRX, rings, pilates ball, bands, paralletes,  thick mats for floor exercises etc... Our gym is also enabled with super fast Internet for your convenience.

view of the patio and the gym.JPG

On beautiful days, We use a paved area for strength and cardio circuits. The South walls are great for inversion work in the Spring. Although this is a residential gym, it isn't overlooked, thanks to the huge oak trees and park surrounding the gym. We are also fortunate to have access to a nature reserve within minutes.




My name is Leila. I am an accredited fitness instructor, PT and nutritional adviser. Prior to this, I was a primary school teacher. 


I've gained my qualifications at Bournemouth university in their sports department (SportBU). I actually discovered sport before fitness. It started with a wide range of land and water-based sports ( I am also a windsurfing instructor). In my spare time, I enjoy running and cycling and have played in team sports like touch rugby and basketball.  Over time, my love for physical activity has led me to research and learn more about body conditioning and the science behind exercising. 


Strength is not just a buzz word; IT IS the key to longevity and preservation of movement throughout life. For me, it has also been the awakening of my true physical potential (achieving pull ups were a great landmark for me).

I designed my gym for total all-round fitness and well being. You'll discover here a wide range of exciting equipment in a private and tranquil setting, allowing clients to feel comfortable and safe with weights, working out under my guidance.

My greatest reward is to hear clients saying they love coming here and that they have been looking forward to their sessions. The progress they’ve been making has been heart-warming:  from witnessing physical adaptations (“what are these? I love them! ““These are your obliques coming through!”) to improved speed or power (“I’ve had my fastest run ever last night!”) and needing less aftercare (“ I haven’t needed to see my sport massage therapist for a while now.”).

My vision is to help clients see what their body can achieve and feel that pride and glow. Whether wanting to look good, learn a skill, be stronger or feel energised, I believe fitness is a way of life for all!


Smiling Young Man

I'm a track athlete and I came to Leila's gym to improve my sprints during this Covid period of inactivity. She put me through a power programme which has given me a good cadence boost. My starts are so much better and my quads are noticeably bigger! Leila's a fun trainer too!

Paul Craven


I am a long distance runner. I've done  a few marathons. I came to Leila for general strengthening and power training. I'm definitely quicker and I was amazed to get a PB last week when I did a 5km run (I don't usually do them). My strength is improving and so is my form for lifts.  I'm now working with  Leila on pull ups! Loving my sessions!

Lou Austin

Jess surfing portrait.jpg

I love working out outdoors and cycling. I have lots of goals and l find the fluidity between the outdoor and indoor training in Leila's gym unique and exciting! I really enjoy working on inversions with Leila. Every session is different: We can set off to the local nature reserve for a quick run or do a strength circuit on the patio before heading to the indoor gym. It's good fun!

Jess rees

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