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The best equipment for your workouts

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

There's a lot of equipment available on the fitness market...So what is really worth having for your home workouts ? Here are my top 5 picks.

  1. A smart watch. I like Garmin watches but there are others on the market. This will allow you to count steps, see progression in pace if you run, monitor your heart rate, track calories and many other things. It's a bit of a " beat the watch " culture so although you don't need to obsess about it, it can be a motivating factor.

  2. Bands. Choose different band strength to steadily increase resistance. Place them at different joints for a full body workout. Use them to add resistance to a simple bodyweight exercise (make squats banded). They can also be used as assistance for better form but it's better to be guided by a personal trainer for this purpose.

  3. A few dumbbells. By now most people know weights are an essential item to make a difference to strength, power and physique ( including posture). Include some free weights in your workouts where possible. The free weights used should not feel too easy nor too hard to lift. You know the weight is right if you start comfortably but the last few repetitions are harder.

  4. Good trainers. You will need decent shoes where you have impact. knees in particular can suffer from any jumping action. jump squats are great but best to wear decent trainer with these unless you're training on sand. Similarly, if you run, your trainer needs to be fitted to your running gait (gym trainers are not suited to runs).

  5. A skipping rope: inexpensive and portable! Cardio paired with agility and coordination. Great to burn calories, build stamina and a 6 pack with defined arms. Skipping is not boring. In fact, it's become pretty funky with a great variety of moves like " the skier", the "toad" etc.. Just put some music on, some good trainers and jump!

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