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5 ways to stay motivated about your fitness routine

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

2020 and Covid -19 has changed our lives and our fitness routines. We started off well but just like our moods, we have had our ups and downs and at times, it's been quite tricky to stay motivated !

Motivation is ultimately linked to enjoyment, progress and stimulation. Fulfill these and you'll stand a better chance to stay on track with exercising!

  1. One thing we've all suffered from, during these extended period of confinement, is the lack of human contact. Exercising with someone (albeit from your social bubble) can provide such a lift, not least because of the happy hormone: endorphin that the body releases during exercise. Even if the person is a family member, exercising and "feeling the burn" together can create a shared experience which is enjoyable.

  2. Know your health or fitness goals and speak to a PT about ways to reaching these. This will help you be realistic about the timescale of a fitness plan, take appropriate measures in terms of nutrition and maybe start a training plan with someone who can pick the right exercises for you and monitor your progress.

  3. Not seeing any physical progress can be disheartening. Again, consult a coach or a PT to ensure progress is on its way and is measurable by a third party. What you might not see, someone else might. Result is key in keeping you engaged with your physical activity. If you are really not making progress , there may be a simple reason such as the exercises are too difficult for you at this stage or maybe you really hate a certain type of cardio indicating you should switch to something different!

  4. Keep your fitness routine varied to avoid boredom or stalling. There are many ways of keeping your routine interesting. You can change the physical setting ( a run near the river instead of a park), the stimulus ( change the pattern of your run by adding different tempos) or try a different kind of fitness ( yoga is great for strength and flexibility) on days when you don't feel like doing Joe Wicks.

  5. Make exercise more exciting by creating a great playlist on Spotify, put headphones on and skip away. Create a social media account dedicated to fitness and find encouragement and interaction from people with a similar interest.

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